Friday, April 18, 2014

Week #11: Your Power Hour for Advanced Food Prep


Sometimes it seems like healthy eating is great and all but who has the time? 

"Sure, it would be awesome if I could reach into my bag and pull out a healthy snack on the go! And when the elves who also clean my house while I sleep and fold all of my laundry get around to putting said snacks into said bag, I will definitely be all over that."

Sound like you? Well guess what, you DO have the time. You know how long it takes to get snacks and lunches ready for the next week? About as long as it takes to look at your friend's cousin's wedding pictures on Facebook. Uh huh. Busted.

Now look - this is what I call my Power Hour: the 60 minutes or so I spend on the weekend chopping fruit and veggies, putting oatmeal into little bags, counting out almonds, and generally getting my you-know-what together because come Monday morning, everything gets started whether I am ready or not. The Power Hour makes sure that 3:30 on Thursday is just as healthy as 7:00 on Monday. 

Yes, this takes organization and work. But once you get a little routine going, it takes less of that. And, even if it didn't get easier, you're worth the trouble.  Take a look and think about whether any of these elements could be incorporated into your week. Ask yourself which day you may have an hour to prepare food, and what you would need during the week to stay organized. Your plan may not look like this, and that's okay. The important thing is that you enter the week feeling organized, and it feeling victorious!

Here's just a sample of what your Power Hour could look like this weekend:
  • Put a boneless turkey breast or chicken in the oven to bake (350 degrees for about an hour, depending on what you're using). Then…

  • Prep five egg scrambles and put them in with the turkey. They need to bake for 40 minutes. Then...

  • Put a pot of whole wheat pasta or brown rice on the stove for lunches or dinner later in the week. 

  • If you're making a salad that requires baked apples (like this one), chop 'em up! Then...

  • Chop bell peppers, pears, and peaches, peel oranges, slice strawberries, chop carrots, etc. and put them in containers for snacks later in the week. Then…

  • Portion almonds (16 is about 100 calories) and raisins in baggies for on-the-go snacks. Then…

  • Portion oatmeal and raisins in baggies for breakfast each day. Then…

  • Line up containers for salads, and put three handfuls of spinach in each one. Add a snack-size baggie of with feta cheese and chopped fruit to each one to add to your salad (keeping the salad ingredients separate prevents the salad from getting mushy). I use strawberries for my Change Your Life salad and baked apples for my Fall Harvest Salad.

  • Take out the egg scrambles and stash them in the fridge for breakfast each day. Then…

  • Take out the turkey, slice it up, and portion it where it needs to go (salads, in a container for pasta later in the week, or in a pot of soup).

  • Store it all in the fridge to create your own little grocery store at home!

Reaching for something healthy is as easy as making sure it is there for you when you're ready. This hour is packed, but worth it. At the end, you'll have breakfast, lunch, and snacks (and maybe even the makings of some dinner if you also boil some pasta and make a pot of rice!) ready to go. 

I'm feeling healthier already.

Other Important News

April 26 is Final Assessments
By now you have received an email from me with a link to to sign up for a time to do your final assessments. Many of you have already signed up - thank you! - but there are still some spots left so if you haven't done it, click here to reserve your spot. You do not have to be with your team to do your final measurements. Do please wear loose-fitting clothing just as you did at the Fitness Festival since we will be repeating all of the same measurements that were done in January.

These assessments will be at the FSU Health and Wellness Center located on the FSU campus. Directions have been sent to you via email, and will be sent again. 

With questions about this process, don't hesitate to ask in a comment below! 
Free Zumba Classes to WellQuesters
To make the On Your Own Zone a little easier, two generous opportunities are available: free Zumba classes for the month of April! Here are the details.

ZumbaJunkie Zumba Classes (Sue Tucker & friends)
@ Forest Meadows (2nd floor)
·         850-891-3920
  • Monday 9-10am
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6-7pm
  • Saturdays: 9-10am
  • Sundays: 1-2:30pm
For more ZumbaJunkies info:

Zumba Twerk Out (Brandy Anderson White)
@ Studio D (Next to the Indian Restaurant and behind Olive Garden)
1105 Apalachee Pkwy
850. 224.0076
  • Wednesdays: 6:30-7:30p
Just let them know you are in the WellQuest Competition at the door and they’ll waive the fee.

May 1, 5:30 pm: WellQuest Challenge FINALE! We will celebrate everyone's success and announce the challenge winners at First Commerce Credit Union. This is a really fun event with lots of door prizes so bring your whole office! Here's where you can RSVP for the finale on the Working Well Facebook page.

We are proud of you - keep up the great work and have a super week!

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