Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week #6: Healthy Vacation Tips (and FREE Zumba!)

Hi WellQuesters! Welcome to Week 6 of the WellQuest Challenge, and a beautiful week in Tallahassee. We hope you are spending it outdoors being active when you can!

Spring break is around the corner, and that might mean that you're about to hit the road for vacation. Or, you may have business travel coming up and be wondering how you're going to stay healthy when you're traveling. Relax - this week's Wellness Wisdom is all about staying healthy even on vacation! Enjoy!


WellQuest Challenge Updates

Workouts with Stephanie and DJ
Thank you to Team Too High BMI and the Coronary Cuties for letting Stephanie crash your workout! We hope you had a lot of fun. Remember to take pictures of your progress along the way and share your success stories. We are proud of you!

Education Night
Thanks to everyone who came out last week for our Motivation in a Minute event. We are so pleased that you went home with new energy and awareness of how to tap into your personal motivators. Thanks for coming out after a long day!

Our next education focus will be on nutrition, and it will be presented online. But before we can prepare it, we need to hear from you! If you had a personal nutritionist sitting with you for an hour, what would you ask? Ask your questions in a comment below or by emailing heather (at) wellnesswithoutpity (dot) com and they will be answered in a custom format just for WellQuest participants. No question is too simple or complex - bring 'em on!

On Your Own Zone
Starting March 26, WellQuest teams will reach the On Your Own Zone. What is this mysterious place? It's simple - the On Your Own Zone is the time when you can no longer receive free membership or personal training from your gym, and must go ON YOUR OWN. You can purchase membership from your gym, workout at home, or hire your own personal trainer. The point is to take the lessons and skills you have learned over the previous 60 days and apply them to your real life. You'll be ready, and you can do it!
To make the On Your Own Zone a little easier, two generous donations have been made to WellQuest teams - FREE Zumba classes! We will be sharing more about this in next week's update, so stay tuned!

As always, keep us posted. We're cheering you on, and we are here for your questions, support, and feedback. Keep up the great work!

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