Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 4: The Three Ds That Make the Difference

Hi WellQuesters! We're already in week 4 of the WellQuest Challenge! Last week we talked a bit about creating wellness visions. Today's focus is on what I call the Three Ds that Make a Difference. Watch and find out if you've got what it takes to see your goals turn into reality.

We're looking forward to announcing a date and location for our first education event! We will be tackling that slippery topic of MOTIVATION: how to keep going when it seems impossible, how to power through temptation on the weekends, and how to set goals that are achievable, empowering, and most important, accomplished! Stay tuned for a date and location later this week to mark your calendars.

Let Us Crash Your Workout!
Speaking of motivation, nothing makes you work a little harder than having a partner, right? Previous WellQuest competitor and WellQuest Committee member Stephanie Beckingham recently reached out to you about a date and time when she can come and work out with you. If you haven't met Stephanie, you are in for a treat. Reply to her email or leave a comment in this post to arrange the best time for her to come and see first-hand the hard work you've been doing!

We're Proud of You!
You're working hard, and we are proud. Keep it up, and as always let us know how we can help.

Have a healthy week! 

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